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Hello Beautiful people!

                First of thank you so much for visiting my page and second I wanted to tell you a little info about the girl behind the scenes… 

To start my name is Autumn McCurrin. I’m native to Austin but love to explore this great big world and see all the beauty it has to offer. I started my cosmetic journey 10 years ago and first doing makeup and eyelash extensions. I love doing Make-up and Lash extensions I pride myself on identifying my client's’ natural beauty and enhancing it by designing style and shape to showcase their inner and outer beauty. I was first trained by Xtreme lash and have continued my training from there with many world renowned lash artists and by doing so have fallen head over heels for the amazing fluffiness of Volume lashes.  I’ve been truly inspired by so many creative minds.

After working in the industry for so long, I also realized I wanted more of a purpose with my creative artistry, I wanted to help people. It was always a dream of mine to do something with permanent cosmetics, but to be honest growing up seeing how unnatural it looked I was always a bit hesitant. When I looked into it further and saw all the different styles of permanent make-up and how natural, gorgeous and real it looked I knew It was what I wanted to do. So, I dove in head first! I attended Everlasting Brows education and received my Certificates in Permanent Cosmetics, Microblading & Ombre Powder brows and I didn't stop there. I've been so lucky to have trained under some of the most influential cosmetic tattoo artist of my time. I truly believe everyone is unique in his or her own features. It is my goal to help my clients rediscover this uniqueness. I create flawless permanent makeup and lash extensions that subtly enhance and transform your natural features. My many satisfied clients return time and again, to benefit from this exceptional artistry which is driven by precision and a great eye for detail. I offer the very latest techniques to deliver truly realistic and natural eyebrows and beautiful lash extensions. I am completely genuine and will tell you exactly what you should expect and do to get the best results. 

 The fact that I can help people with alopecia, chemo patients who have lost hair, people with surgery scars, burns, previously permanent cosmetics gone wrong, over plucked 90’s girl eyebrows (like myself) Areola reconstruction the list truly goes on, it fired my soul! So here I am and here is my little business Flash your Lash. I’m truly grateful for all the love and support I’ve received with all my work and I can’t wait to continue down this amazing journey and meet so many more amazing people!


My application techniques utilize only the best extensions and semi-permanent tools. My premium products are safe, durable; and have been widely used by many professionals. Every application is performed with skills and satisfaction in mind.


My modern studio is beautifully designed to give clients a warm and inviting atmosphere. I provide as much comfort as possible during the treatment by using the highest quality products and maintaining a private and relaxing environment.

 All services by appointment only.

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Autumn McCurrin
3530 Beecaves rd, suite 215, Westlake Hills, Texas
instagram @flash.yr.lash