Before each appointment, we take the time to consult with each of our clients to fully understand the desired result you want to achieve. Our skillful artists will customize the extensions based on the growth pattern of the natural lashes and your specific needs. Our lash artists take exceptional pride in maintaining a high standard of hygiene and professional application, as well as proper techniques. Our main focus is to maintain the integrity of the natural lash. To do this, we must choose appropriate lengths and thicknesses for each natural lash. It is physically possible to pick up and place a long, heavy lash extension on anyone's natural lash. If a particular client does not have a suitable long and healthy natural lash to support that extension, we run the risk of damaging the natural lashes and follicles will cease to produce healthy eyelashes moving forward. 

Aftercare is also extremely crucial to protect your investment. Even if we do the most beautiful and clean application, it is up to you to care for your extensions properly in order to get the most wear out of them. Every client is provided with the instructions and tools to maintain their extensions.

It is far too common that we see clients from other salons who have damaged natural lashes and we are left to pick up the pieces. It is often the lash artist's fault for placing too long or too thick of lashes on the client. Lash extensions should not feel heavy, hurt, or feel uncomfortable in any way. Each extension should be placed on one single natural lash, allowing that natural lash to grow and shed. Clients should always be able to brush through the lashes effortlessly without snagging or catching the extensions. If you feel that your lashes have been damaged from another salon, please contact us.

There is no stress or pain involved in the application process. The procedure is so relaxing in fact that most clients even fall asleep. During your appointment, feel free to utilize a pair of headphones and envelop yourself with music of your own variety. Grab a plush blanket and melt away on the table while we handles the rest. You'll wake up refreshed with gorgeous lashes. We are confident that you will see and feel the difference in our applications. The results will speak for themselves!

Please clean your Lashes thoroughly before each appointment until there is no mascara residue or eye makeup left. If Lashes are not clean, the time spent cleaning them for you will take away from lashing time, resulting in less lashes and less fullness.  

Russian Volume lashes - $300 (Full Set) / $85 (Fill needed every 2-4 weeks)  
The most luxurious type of lashes being used. The thin, lightweight lashes allows the artist the flexibility to tailor a set to client’s desire, natural or dramatic. These lashes are ultra lightweight and feel softer.  We lash every viable lash, that's between 50-100 lashes per eye! This gives full natural looking lashes that won't require mascara for lash perfection. It takes 2.5 hours to apply a full set of Volume Eyelash Extensions and Fills can be done in 1.5 hours. Lash consultation and Face study included in full set appointment. 

Signature Classic lashes - $225 (Full Set) / $70 (Fill needed every 2-4 weeks)  
These lashes are perfect for clients who already have decent lashes, but want to add more length and thickness. We use Silk lashes because silk is the highest quality most durable and softest material in the world.  Classic lashes can look glam or give more of a make-up/mascara look. They create a soft, polished lash line that is ideal for most people. We lash every viable lash, that's between 50-100 lashes per eye! It takes 2 hours to apply a full classic set of Eyelash Extensions and Fills can be done in 1 hour. Lash consultation and Face study included in full set appointment.

Natural Glam lashes - $150 (Half set) (Fill needed every 2-3 weeks)                                                                                                                   This set is great for people looking for a very natural and light look. This set will add to your natural lashes with a darker hue and effortlessly fuller, longer lashes. People will never know they are fake. These are the most natural lash extensions you'll find in Austin. You will get beautiful yet subtle results.

Lash Lift - $65  This is a Lash Lamination a specialized technique to lift and set natural lashes in beautifully fanned and lifted design. The Lash Lift (also known as Lash Botox) will give the lashes intensified color, fullness, and long-lasting customizable curl. This treatment will give your natural lashes a beautiful curl lasting approximately 6-8 weeks and is a great alternative to lash extensions. Ask about including a lash tint to achieve bold, beautiful lashes. No extensions involved. 

Brow shaping - $25 includes waxing and/or plucking if you are to sensitive for wax.  Eyebrow shaping is incredibly important. Removing hair to high or too low can throw off the balance of your features. The brows are a game changer in the enhancement of your looks. It creates a polished and effortless beauty. Add a brow tint for for that added wow effect.

Tinting - $20 for both brows and eyelashes. I have many colors and shades of tint to match best with your individual complexion and hair color. I use a natural vegetable dye. Lasts 6-8 weeks.

Combo service - $95 Includes Lash Lift and Lash Tint, Brow shaping with Brow tint if desired. 


With proper care and maintenance, touch-ups are needed once every 2 to 3 weeks to replace and maintain the look we create for you. We provide complimentary spoolies and lash cleansing brushes at your appointment. We retail a lash cleanser and make-up remover safe for extensions. Best of all we provide an amazing lash serum called Careprost that creates a stronger lash line so we can give you the fullest look possible.

Do not wash your eyes, swim or shower for 24 hours after lash appointment. Be gentle with your lashes, don't pull or remove them. Avoid oil based cosmetic products around eye. *This will dissolve the adhesive. Do not wear mascara or waterproof eye make-up. Every Night: Remove eye make up and wash with a foam cleanser like Theratears. Do not visit saunas or steam rooms.  *Routine exposure to heat may cause the adhesive bond to loosen.

NEVER attempt to remove your lash extensions - they must be professionally removed


We do not work on top of work from other salons unless the application and products are of the same quality. Please book a "New Client Fill" if you currently have on extensions, as we have allotted enough time in that appointment in the event of any issues that may come up.


Autumn is currently accepting applications for classic & volume eyelash extension training certification courses. Please e-mail to apply.