Permanent Make-up and microblading in Westlake Hills, Tx

Before each appointment, Autumn takes the time to consult with each of her clients to fully understand the desired result you want to achieve. Autumn will customize the permanent make-up to your natural features and your specific needs. Autumn takes exceptional pride in maintaining a high standard of hygiene and professional application, as well as proper techniques. 

On the day of your procedure Autumn will map out your eyebrows, eyeliner or lips and make them symmetrical working with the natural shape of your features. This will ensure that as your tattoo lightens and ages over time the permanent make-up will stay soft and pretty. After we agree on the design and shape of your cosmetic tattoo we will choose your color. I work very closely with my clients to ensure we are making the best possible choices together. This is your face and I want you to feel comfortable with the shape and color. Your first appointment should take 2 hours.  This includes drawing time and consult. 

Aftercare is also crucial to protect your investment. Even if we do the most beautiful and clean application, it is up to you to care for your permanent make-up properly in order to get the most wear out of it. Every client is provided with the instructions and tools to maintain their tattoo.

There is no stress or pain involved in the process. The procedure is so relaxing in fact that many clients fall asleep. During your appointment, feel free to utilize a pair of headphones and envelop yourself with music of your own variety. Grab a plush blanket and melt into the chair while we handle the rest. You'll wake up refreshed with a gorgeous permanent make-up application. We are confident that you will see and feel the difference in our treatment. The results will speak for themselves!



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