What is Microblading?

Microblading is basically a permanent solution for full, flawless brows. The process is like tattooing, although microblading only lasts between 6 months to 18 months, depending on your skin (it stays longer in dry skin types). Using a unique microblading blade made of microneedles, special cosmetic pigments are deposited just under the epidermis but, above the dermis, in fine lines that mimic real brow hairs. The result is natural looking brows made up of tiny little hair-like lines. The actualy microblading process will usually take between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on how much filling in you need. If you use Roaccutane medication, you can’t be treated until 6 months after your treatment has finished. Similarly, if there is any bruising, cuts or pimples in the area on the day, the procedure should not be performed.

Benefits include:

  • The look of full and even brows

  • Sweat and waterproof

  • Camouflages sparse areas for a natural look

  • Hides scars

  • Semi-permanent, which allows adjustment to your brow shape as you age or as beauty trends change

Procedure Overview

Your transformation begins with an in-depth consultation, Autumn will work closely with you to determine the best brow/ lip/ lash line shape tailored to suit your unique facial features. A base pigment that best suits your skin tone will be chosen, and when necessary, the pigment will be modified to compliment your skin & hair tone. A topical anesthetic will be used prior to the procedure to ease you into the micropigmentation procedure. Throughout the procedure, you will receive a 'top up' of analgesic to keep you comfortable. Autumn will provide you with detailed post procedure care instructions to ensure the best outcome of your beautiful, low maintenance cosmetic enhancement.

For most clients, a minimum of two treatments are usually needed, at least 6-8 weeks apart. Immediately following the initial treatment (and up to five days following the treatment), the area treated will have maximum colour intensity. The colour dramatically fades (50-70%) once the crusting skin cells slough off, and the pigmentation will shrink as your skin begins to heal during the weeks following the initial treatment. Do not be alarmed if your pigmentation fades dramatically-- this is completely normal and expected!

At the second (touch up) session, we will assess the colour retention and make adjustments as necessary. Everyone heals differently and at different rates. If your cosmetic tattoo does not heal perfectly after the first session, do not worry! We can always add intensity and volume at your next appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have had your micropigmentation previously performed by another artist and are interested in a cover-up/correction, you MUST email us a clear photo PRIOR to booking your appointment. We must approve that your previous tattoo(s) is workable. In some cases where the previous work is too large, dark, dense, or discoloured, tattoo fading will be recommended before any corrective work can begin. Previously tattooed areas and cover-ups will almost always require additional touch-ups for best results and will be charged accordingly as per our current price list.

What will my healed brow tattoo look like?

The color will blend into your natural hair and look extremely natural. The color with time will start to fade and the lines will look more powdery within 3 years. That is when your touch up or refresher is needed to bring back the crisp lines and color. Your results will vary depending on skin type, lifestyle and the immediate and long-term aftercare of your new tattoo. Once healed (after 6 weeks), the colour will reduce by 30-50 percent. Patchiness and lightness can be perfected during your second session.
Will I need a touch up after my initial appointment?

The majority of our clients require 2 sessions to have their brows perfected. Touch up appointments can be made 6-8 weeks after your first visit. Clients with fuller brows may not need additional touch ups; however, clients with little or no natural brow hairs, or have corrected work, may need further density added.

After we’ve achieved your desired brow, an annual touchup is highly recommended to maintain the tattoos. 

How long will the final results last?

Your brow tattoo will last 1-3 years depending on lifestyle, sun exposure and skin type. Oilier skin types tend to fade quicker than drier skin types.

Will brow tattooing be painful?

To ensure maximum comfort during the procedure we use a topical numbing with 5% lidocaine prior and during your procedure. Since pain tolerance and sensitivity varies individually, we can’t say exactly how it will feel for you. The procedure uses a smaller needle than traditional tattooing and should hurt significantly less. Clients have related the procedure with eyebrow threading, plucking multiple hairs at once or a light scratching of the skin.

You may experience more sensitivity if the procedure is performed during or near your menstrual cycle.

Will natural brow hairs be removed during the process?

We incorporate as much of the natural brow hairs as possible. Any strays that lay outside of the brows design will be removed.

will cosmetic tattooing work well for me?

  • If you have extremely oily skin, the hair stroke eyebrow technique will NOT work well for you. The constant production of oil will cause the hair strokes to heal with a diffused, softer look. Your end result will look more powdery than defined.

  • If you have little to no existing hair, your tattoo will appear more two-dimensional than those clients who have more hair naturally.

  • If you are a frequent smoker, your pigment may fade sooner.

  • If you are iron deficient or anemic, your pigment may fade sooner and bleeding/bruising may occur during and after the procedure.

How will my cosmetic tattoo look in the future?

During your appointment, we will analyze your skin's undertone to anticipate how pigment colours will fade in the future. We also mix pigments to ensure the colour blends well with your existing eyebrow and hair colour.

The majority of our clients' tattoos stay true to colour and lighten naturally over time; however, in some cases colours may fade to different tones according to the individual’s response to the pigments.

Many factors affect these changes, such as lifestyle and iron deficiencies. At your follow up appointment, we will re-analyze how your body has responded to the initial colour. Special formula alteration to correct the colour and to prevent further change is made at this time. Your eyebrow tattoo will eventually look softer and have more of a "powdered" look. This happens with all clients as the skin ages. To keep your hair strokes looking good, a refresher appointment is suggested every 1 to 2 years. Results vary with each client.

Is the studio and equipment safe?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on having an immaculate and sterile studio space. We only practice with single use, disposable needles and supplies. This means each set-up for a new client is safely discarded afterwards. Each of our stations are thoroughly disinfected before opening and after each procedure throughout the day.

We are blood borne pathogens certified and Texas Department of State Health services approved.

Do you travel for appointments? 

Our home studio is in Austin, Texas full-time, but we occasionally travel and offer our services in other cities.

Please note our rates may increase in the case of traveling, events or other special circumstances. Traveling does not guarantee your second appointment in the city you came to see us; therefore, please prepare to visit us in Austin for future touch-ups. 

How long do lips take?

Lip Blush procedures do take slightly longer than other treatments as the lips are more prone to swelling during treatment. If this should occur, swelling will quickly fade and will disappear completely within three to five days. Expect the procedure to take around an hour and a half to three hours. The colour density will appear stronger than you anticipated at first, but this will fade after three to four days.

A touchup is often required, especially for long lasting results.  We book our touchups six to eight weeks from the initial appointment.

Am I a Candidate for Micropigmentation?

The following factors are considered in determining whether you are an ideal candidate for micropigmentation procedures:

  • Age (minimum of 18 years of age)

  • Skin conditions (clients with sensitive skin or rosacea are advised to consult their dermatologist or physician prior to booking an appointment)

  • Medical History 

  • Current Medications

  • Existing previous tattoo treatment

You are NOT an ideal candidate for micropigmentation if one of the following conditions apply to you:

  • Diabetic

  • Hemophilia

  • Allergic to Red Lake #5 (special dye/ pigment found in red lipstick)

  • Had an allergic reaction to tattoos in the past

  • HIV Positive or been diagnosed with AIDS and/ or Hepatitis

  • Pregnant or Breastfeeding

  • Had a Botox injection in the past 3 months

  • Had a filler injection in the past 6 months

  • Recovering from cancer (ideal candidates must be at least 6 months in remission)

  • Any condition resulting in autoimmune deficiency

  • Had a chemical peel in the last month

  • Have EVER had a cold sore...even just once a long time ago (applies to lip procedure ONLY)

The following medications may affect blood coagulation and you are advised to consult your family physician prior to booking your appointment:

  • Blood Thinners

  • Sleeping Pills

  • Diuretics

  • Antibiotics

  • Immunosuppressants

  • Pain Killers

  • Dermatological Medications (i.e.- Accutane)

  • Blood Pressure Medications

  • Tranquilizers

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Any natural/ herbal supplements that can affect blood coagulation