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About us

Providing You with Outstanding Service

Flash Your Lash is a beauty salon that’s dedicated to providing clients with outstanding end results. Autumn and Jared love helping others, and are passionate about helping each and every individual get end results they can fall in love with. Call today in order to receive more information. 

About Autumn

Autumn is passionate about what she does. Art has always been something she’s loved, and that, combined with her desire to help others, is what eventually fueled her passion for permanent makeup. She’s thrilled about the fact that she’s able to help people with alopecia, chemo patients, people with surgery scars, and more. She loves the many different people that she’s able to meet through her career, and is passionate about helping them get results they’ll love. To do this, she creates realistic, delicate tattoos that really enhance the natural beauty of every individual. 


Her licenses and certification include: 


  • City of Austin Tattoo License 
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Certification 
  • State of Texas Board Licensed Esthetician 
  • City of Austin Eyelash Extension Salon 

About Jared

Jared is Autumn’s husband, and together the two of them are dedicated to making sure clients of Flash Your Lash get the service they deserve. Jared specializes in eyelash extensions and lifts, and knows exactly what needs to be done in order to provide clients with a beautiful, natural look. He loves what he does, and has the skill and attention to detail to provide outstanding results. 

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