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Luxe Watercolor Lip Blushing $750 PRICING MAY VARY
Watercolor Blushed Lips are the hottest up and coming trend for youthful and softly tinted lips. Lip blushing is a safe and comfortable tattooing procedure that creates a younger and more youthful, vibrant pout. I can also redefine your lip shape to create a more attractive appearance that enhances your natural beauty.

Define, shape, and tint your lips. Choose from a wide variety of shades – from natural to more noticeable, there are many possibilities. Think of this as the ultimate lip stain. Never worry about reapplying lip color throughout the day! Just add gloss, and go!

Lasts up to 3 years!
*Dark pigmentation in the lips may be a contraindication for permanent lip color. To find out if you are a candidate for Permanent Lip Blush, please schedule a consultation prior to booking your appointment


Touch-Ups within 18 months – $250

Refreshers are recommended every 1-2 years to maintain shape, color and detail.

All additional touch ups and color boost needed usually around 12-18 months depending on skin, age and lifestyle. If your tattoo is almost completely faded full price is applied. 

Permanent Makeup Corrections – STARTS AT $500
If you have undesirable permanent makeup that you wish to have corrected, please schedule a consultation. Because each corrective case is unique, pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis. I charge full price for cover ups and touch-ups on other artists work.

Pricing is subject to change at any time.

Please kindly advise that no pets or children are allowed during the day of your service due to safety and sterile purposes.

Tattoo Removal or Lightening –$250 PER SESSION

I use Saline and Microneedling to lighten or remove  permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing and small tattoos. This is healthiest most natural way to remove a tattoo. Great for cancer or autoimmune patients. NO scarring or pain. Even removes red and white tattoos. 

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