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Also known by a variety of names such as eyebrow embroiderymicrostroking3D brows, feather touch and hair like strokes, is a form of permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments with a manual tool instead of machine. This consist of a consultation and shaping of the brows, followed by the actual procedure, and last but not least a complimentary touch up appointment will be scheduled at 6 - 8 weeks after the initial procedure.


Nano Hair stroke brow


This unique feathered hair stroke technique with a digital permanent makeup device has earned worldwide recognition. This precise hairstroke technique done with a nano needle is actually much more advanced and gentler for your skin, but still has the natural, hyper realistic hair strokes like microblading. There are many benefits to this exceptional artistry which is driven by precision and a great eye for detail. It lasts longer, is less damaging to your skin and creates the most realistic hair strokes without any blurring. It creates flawless results every time.    


European Ombre powder brow


Long gone are the days of "sharpie" brows. This technique creates beautiful powdery blended brows. This yields a softer, more natural look yet at the same time is also bolder than the embroidery technique. Eyebrows are filled in using this technique therefore it tends to last a little longer than microblading method.  This a natural, soft shaded technique that will give you naturally enhanced brows that don't wash off. It gives a beautiful, ombre effect in the front of the brow for the most refined and natural appearance. Great for those with oily skin or coarse hair.


Would you like to draw attention to your eyes?

Stardust Eyeshadow liner  


This is a sultry eyeshadow technique that gives a soft look with a perfect, winged eyeliner and the most gorgeous cosmic, smoky eyeshadow effect. it's beautiful yet subtle. Can be done with black, brown, grey, blue and green depending on your eye color and tastes.


Petite Lash Enhancement


This is a subtle effect or contrast rather than sharp defined eyeliner, this petite liner. is only in the lash line to create a fuller lash line. This no make up, make up effect is a soft, precise liner effect in and across the lash line. Creating contrast, depth and color to give your eyes the sparkle and vitality they deserve.

Have you always wanted to have luscious lips?

Lip Blush


This can add the perfect blush of color for the most natural effect. It creates a defined lip shape and a lovely, velvety hue on the lips. All you'll need is gloss for perfection. This natural enhancement will keep every one guessing.

Great for people with fillers that tend to lighten your lips natural color or aging skin that has gotten lighter with time. 


Touch-Ups within 18 months


All additional touch ups and color boost needed usually around 12-18 months depending on skin, age and lifestyle.


Tattoo Removal or Lightening   $250

I use Saline and Microneedling to lighten or remove  permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing and small tattoos. This is healthiest most natural way to remove a tattoo. Great for cancer or autoimmune patients. NO scarring or pain. Even removes red and white tattoos.

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